Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review: Limited edition Ariel and Snow White Brush sets from e.f.l

Hello everyone!  I'm back with a review of a line of limited edition Disney Princess brush sets from Walgreens!

Sorry for the filters... they're from my Instagram account and I pretty much ripped into the items right after taking pictures of my little haul.

As you can see from the photo, I also bought the nail and lip set from the Ariel collection.  I haven't tried the nail polishes yet (honestly, I'm not expecting much for that price) but I'll write another post once I have tried it out... I'm waiting for some items to come in to do a mermaid manicure, you see!  Then there's the lip set... that thing is a complete and utter waste of money.  The lipstain is like a dried up marker and feels like you're putting a razor blade to your lips!  The gloss isn't that great either but what can you expect from a brand like e.l.f that sells products for $3 and under?

The Snow White makeup brushes are pretty cute.  I was in dire need of some firmer makeup brushes because as cute as my pink and white ones are, they're too soft to pick up much product.  The Snow White brushes are average quality, not bad for $10 however, two of the brushes totally suck!!!  The all over face and blush/contour brushes positively ghastly.  They're very scratchy...  They probably won't last more than 3 washes.  The travel set that it comes in is pretty cute but I can't see it lasting long.  It's a nice collector's item if nothing else.

The Ariel crystal makeup brush set is really cute.  The quality of the brushes is better than the Snow White one since none of the brushes are scratchy.  I'm happy that it came with an eyeliner brush because I keep losing mine!  A sparkly blue one should be easy to keep up with.  The packaging is cute, as is the Snow White one.  It's not a very practical set for daily makeup application, I'll say that much.  As intended, this is a travel size makeup brush set--perfect for applying makeup while you're out and about or on vacation and don't want to bring the entire bathroom sink with you.  The snap closure is more secure than the velcro one with the Snow White set.

Are they the greatest makeup brushes ever?  Not really.  I much prefer the e.l.f studio makeup brushes, which is what I really think they should have used for this limited edition collection instead of using their basic ones.  Chances are I'll pick up more studio brushes down the line unless my cosmetology school includes some amazing brushes in my student kit once its time for me to start.

All in all, they're great collectors items if you're a Disney fan and they make a great gift.  I'll definitely be using my brushes when I'm traveling for shows, on vacation, or need to touch my face up on the go.

Since I'm weird as hell, I bought an extra set of the Ariel brushes just in case mine die from overuse or a shark attack.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Forever Flawless on Doctor Oz?

I've noticed I've been getting a lot of hits on this blog using the keywords: forever flawless, dr. oz and that's quite alarming.  If those scam artists that work for Forever Flawless are trying to sully Dr. Oz's name in order to push their horrendous products that don't even work, that's an all time low even for them.  So to answer a few other keywords that have been finding their way here, "Is Forever Flawless a good product?"  The short answer would be a simple, "No."  The long answer would be these entries.  Dr. Oz in no way endorses Forever Flawless.  In fact, I don't think the man is even aware that this garbage even exists.  Remember that.

It's come to my attention that some people are so terribly offended by my blogging style and the way I tell it like it is.  Don't like it?  Don't read it.  If you think my blogging style is vile, just wait until you see my Youtube makeup tutorials once I'm done with cosmetology school (since I'll actually have more time on my hands).  Same helpful yet free flowing style coming to a computer screen near you!

...and here's my video reviewing Forever Flawless.  That's life.

Edit: September 8th, 2014

A reader has informed me that a TV program in the Netherlands ran a segment exposing the Forever Flawless scam!  These guys are still at it which is appalling.  If you'd like to read it, check it out here.  There is also a video, but you need to understand Dutch.  The link has the English interview though!