Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hair product review: Hot Buns

Hey, everyone!  It's been awhile since I did a review on a beauty product but I've been busy with my Etsy shop lately.  About a week ago, I saw this nifty looking product at a local CVS store and said to myself, "Hey, that looks pretty useful.  Large buns are in style now so why not give this a try?"  The product is called "Hot Buns" as pictured here:

(Just the name of this product is all kinds of awkward...)

I had a $2 off coupon for any beauty product at CVS so I decided to use it on this.  When I got it home, I was super excited to try it out!  My friend is getting married in the spring and felt that this thing would help me make a pretty sweet looking side bun-tail style for myself as a bridesmaid.

Then I actually took it out of the box....

This review would be a lot better if I wasn't so lazy before I returned this plastic brillopad turd to the store, right?  Well... you live and learn.

When I took the product out of the box, aside from the brillopad-like texture of the product, the first thing I noticed was the snaps for closing this thing up to make the bun.  These were some of the crappiest snaps I've seen in my life (and I make a ton of costumes for a living!).  I like to play around with my new stuff before I actually use it the way its intended to be utilized sooo... I ended up having a hard time just trying to snap the snaps together!  The snaps on the box and infomercial are nothing like the ones on the actual product!  The adverts clearly show snaps that face one another for an easy closure.  HOWEVER... the snaps on the actual product are pretty damn horrible since they face the opposite direction and you have to overlap them in order for it to shut.  Couple that fact onto it being hard to snap... you'll have a stupidly difficult time trying to close these into a bun in your hair!

But wait... there's more!

This thing is made out of such rough material its nuts.  It feels like a scratchy brillopad (you know those rough sponge pad things you use to wash hard to clean pots and pans?).  I can't imagine this being good for your hair at all... it seems pretty damaging which is another reason to avoid this thing.

So far I've covered it being a hunk of junk that doesn't close without someone else's help, the texture of the product rivals Brillo, and... oh, yeah!  This thing is terrible for layered hair!

I have long layered hair and even when I was curling it in from the top, my bun still ended up as a messy, awkward, mess rather than what's advertised on the box.  I can only see this thing possibly working for people with straight uniform length hair.

This product left me very disappointed in the end.  The advert boasts that it'll allow you to make a perfect bun in less than a minute.  Let me tell you this... that claim is simply  untrue.  I was wrestling with this thing in my hair for a good 15 minutes before I said, "Fuck it.  It's going back tomorrow!!!" because my hair is too fabulous for it anyway.  I can't remember when was the last time I was this happy about returning a product to the store but man... couldn't wait to get my $10.80 back!  I ended up buying a Hairagami set on eBay for less than $7 and let me tell you--it is easy as hell to use and it actually WORKS.  I was able to do my cute side bun-tail do in only a minute.

The moral of this story?  Just buy a Hairagami, one of those hair donuts (if you don't mind the rough texture of the product), or use the sock-bun method.  Don't buy the Hot Buns... just don't do it, man!  It's not worth the frustration!  HOT BUNS SUCKS!

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