Saturday, August 20, 2016

What's up with so many Jamberry consultants?

As many of you with a Facebook account, I have been invited to numerous Jamberry parties.  This was fine until I noticed a pattern of some really... really bad consultants making up blatant lies about:

  1. The cost of salon services
  2. How much professional nail lacquer costs
  3. Saying that it's impossible for nail techs to do Jamberry designs (you mean like the stolen ones like this?)
  4. Bashing salons in order to make a sale

Really?  I don't get it.  When you keep trying to demonize one thing in order to sell another, quite frankly, my dear, you sound like an asshole.  Why would anyone want to buy from someone that sounds like they're trying to convince people that salon workers don't deserve to make money?  like they say, you attract more with honey than you do with vinegar.  I explain everything in detail as to why I think there's a lot of consultants (I'm not saying all of them if you're actually paying attention) that need to be retrained in their sales tactics.

If the bad consultants I described have a goal of getting people who otherwise are perfectly fine with Jamberry as a whole to hate it, they've done an amazing job!

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