Friday, February 25, 2011

Leggings are NOT pants

Aside from the ugliness of Crocs, nothing bugs me more then women who use leggings as pants.  I know I'm not the only one who thinks this looks both skanky and stupid, but leggings were not meant to be worn like this.  Ladies, no one wants to see your panties ('cept for men looking for an easy girl).  Wearing leggings as pants don't make you look sexy, it just makes you look downright trashy.  It's only short of wearing a pair of pantyhose and nothing else to cover the lower region of your body.  Wearing them as pants also makes your hips and thighs look quite large.

This is an example of leggings worn the correct way--under a dress, skirt, or long tunic.  Leggings are meant to add a bit of modesty to an otherwise short dress.  In addition to that, they make your legs look quite smooth while adding a little something to your ensemble.  Notice how wearing black leggings the correct way makes this woman's legs look slimmer; this is what you want your leggings to do.  The right pair of shoes also help (ankle boots, below the knee boots, and pumps).  Wearing them with flats also works, but it really depends on the outfit.

So ladies... please don't wear leggings as pants!  It makes you look trashy and it's an eyesore all together.

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  1. I think all sexy women should wear leggings as pants witn no panties. Hail to the camel!!