Friday, February 25, 2011

Whoever said boots and lace don't go?

There's boots out there that can go with just about any outfit out there.  Some people see ankle boots as an abomination that should never come back in style, but they seem to come and go quite often these days.  One season they're in, the next season they're out.  These beautiful black lace ankle boots from good 'ol D&G would go beautifully with a semi-formal or formal outfit.  They'd go wonderful paired with leggings, a chiffon dress, and matching lace purse for example.  Quite the slimming look.

Quite similar to the pair above, but they're not as transparent as they're more leather based.  This style comes in multiple colors (such as black, white, and tan).  I can see the white being paired with certain styles of wedding gowns.

I was kind of surprised to see that the peep-toe boots are still in style and while I'm usually not a fan of this style shoe, these are quite pretty.  Sadly, they don't come in larger sizes (like a US size 11) so I will not be buying a pair.  It makes me quite angry that the majority of fashion designers neglect the "plus sized" shoe industry and when they do acknowledge it, the shoes aren't exactly stylish, come in many colors, or visually appealing.  I really wish more designers would realize this as there is money to be made.

Edit:  4/12/2014
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