Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sephora: Disney Jasmine collection review (The Palace Jewel compact mirror)

Continuing my review of Sephora's latest Disney princess inspired line, I come to the compact mirror called, "The Palace Jewel."

(The Palace Jewel compact mirror and its packaging)

It's a very beautiful compact!  It has a very old world Arabian feel to it which I love.  This mirror is pretty heavy but I see that as a good thing.  It has beautiful golden designs throughout the front and two lamps in the center.  The palace is behind the golden designs and although it's hard to see, there's something written in Persian around it.  Inside the mirror, it says "Shut your eyes and take a chance."  Top mirror is normal while the bottom is a magnifying one (good for plucking eyebrows).  The compact itself has a very sturdy design and I really like how it has a button to push instead of having to push two platforms apart like some cheaper mirrors.

I ended up buying two of them: one for my purse and one for collecting purposes.  I tried to order it through the Sephora website earlier in the month but they were sold out (THANK YOU, RESELLERS).  Thankfully, Sephora had them for sale at their physical stores a few weeks later.  So if you're trying to buy it through the online store and the "sold out" red text is making you sad, I suggest you head to a Sephora store as soon as possible.  These sell out quite quick!!  Go to a Sephora store near you now to get yours!  You won't be disappointed!

As for carrying this compact in your purse, I highly recommend buying a silk pouch and keeping it inside of that.  This way your compact will remain beautiful and won't get scratches!  That's what I'm doing for mine.  It really does look and feel like a compact fitted for a princess.  This thing's a keeper!

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